Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dangers of Porn: Reasons why you should not watch Porn

Check out disadvantages of porn addiction that ruin your marriage, life’s goals, and social life by turning you into the lustful short tempered maniac.

Pornography has become more threatening addiction than alcohol and drugs. Porn only increases your lust towards opposite sex with wild fantasy that may even draw you to do shameful act of rape to fulfill your uncontrolled lust. Porn works as a gasoline for your lust fire and it is a hazard for your mental and physical health. Just five minutes short porn clip also makes you fall on the slippery road of porn addiction, where you spoil your vital seeds, testosterone, energy and dreams to succeed in life and conquer world. If you still think that you might get some benefits by watching erotic porn movies, then checkout terrific side effects and symptoms of pornography addiction that can ruin your social, personal and professional life completely.

Person watching porn on computer
Porn makes you lazy: Porn addicted person can spend hours and hours in front of computer or television screen to satisfy lust through erotic videos. Porn addiction makes any person lazy and health becomes very fragile on long term basis. Once you start doing masturbation while watching porn, all your strength will be wasted to make you feel lazy and weak. Feeling lazy and weak is considered to be one of the pornography addiction symptoms. Its recovery is possible only when person willingly decided to stop watching porn.

Porn is addiction that leads to other addictions: Porn is nothing but a wild fantasy, in which woman or man do erotic moves also add other addiction in their act to make it hotter. Watching porn on daily basis makes you addicted to it in such a way that your situation becomes same to the drug addicted. Once you are addicted to porn, you will be in same states like of frustrated person, addicted to drug. To the conclusion, it also invites alcohol and other addictions in your lifestyle to satisfy your lust.

Porn is a form of sexism: Porn is fake intimate scene between two human bodies. Porn also increases gender discrimination by subjecting woman or man in particular way to explore some part of their body. Especially porn objectifies woman partner by exploring breasts and genitals and increases watcher’s lust to the limit that they do not see anything else in other women they meet in their life. Technically, porn makes you pshyco that see any girl with lust only.

Porn is doom for marriage: In any of the porn movie, woman partner is pictured having silky skin, well groomed personality in the sexiest manner. On other side, man partner is portrayed as handsome with unbeatable stamina. In real life, any of the above mentioned personalities are not possible to find in one person. It makes you to have less interest in your partner as you wanted to look them like porn stars and leads to divorce. So, think about it what you want: A long happy life with your beloved charming life partner or fantasy of unnatural porn stars?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Natural Gnat Repellent: Get Rid of Gnats with Home Remedies

Stop buzzing and rotten smelling gnats to come in your home or surrounding by using effective home remedies of vinegar, garlic, vodka, tobacco, etc.

Once humidity increases in air, you might see small pests roaming around open fruits and small plants that you have placed in your home or outside in garden. These pests are known as Gnats. They are totally harmless to us but its buzzing sound and rotten smell make you irritating. Besides fruits and indoor plants, gnats also make their colony near kitchen sink, bathroom, garbage can, leak drainage pipes and other humid places. They are also considered as best places for gnats to breed. It is impossible to change climate immediately, but you can try following ways to get rid of these terrific Gnats naturally.

get rid of gnats naturally, Get Rid of Gnats outside, Get Rid of Gnats fast
Gnats are small pests that have been emerged out from humid place where they feed on plant and breed. They are smaller insects but bigger than mosquitoes. They do not harm humans. Adult Gnats live for time period of one week, and it can lay more than 300 eggs in that much time period. Larvae or maggots have shiny black head and elongated transparent body. They feed on roots of plant. Larvave do damage to host plant by leaving injuries resulting into the Geraniums, African violets, Carnations and Poinsettias.

Home remedies to get rid of Gnats naturally:

Check plants before buying: One of the most prominent and easiest methods to stay away from gnats is to check your indoor plants thoroughly before buying. As life cycle of gnats is not more than 3-4 weeks, more than one life stages from larvae to adults can be seen in soil of single plant.

Electric swatters: Electric swatters not only help to kill mosquitoes but it also help you to kill flying gnats to kill with electric current that flows through this electric swatters. This can also help to get rid of gnats outside your home.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to overcome Tiredness and Sleepiness in Office

Convert lazy afternoon’s tiredness and sleepiness into the most energetic one by following simple yet most effective tips to improve your concentration at work in office.

Once you hear the word “office”, you will get clear picture in your mind that every employee come on scheduled time and work with full of energy. When slow and steady running clock hits 2 pm in afternoon, every person feels little tiredness and sleepiness. If you are also working in any company, then for sure you will feel sleepy in noon time after your lunch. Any medicine will not help you to overcome tiredness and sleepiness of afternoon, because it is not any illness or health issue. It is a simple reflex of your own body due to lack of active and healthy lifestyle. Keep afternoon tiredness and sleepiness at a bay by including simple yet effective tips in your daily routine.

stay away sleepiness in office, avoid sleepiness in office

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Save Money with Multipurpose Use of Things you already have

Here are some everyday items you probably have around your house that can serve multiple purposes. Use them for a variety of uses and start saving on your budget!

Did you know that toothpaste can serve a lot many purposes than just whitening your teeth? Actually, not only toothpaste, many other everyday household items that you already have in your home can be used for so much more! You can indeed save a handsome sum of money in the long run by using those products for a variety of uses. Seven such common household items with multiple and unique uses are given below. Check them out and make sure to make the most out of these regular items. This will surely save you lot of money, time and effort.

Common household items with multiple uses

Newspapers have superb odor-absorbing characteristics. You can use newspaper to deodorize food and beverage containers. Simply stuff crumpled newspaper inside lunch boxes, thermoses, ice chests or plastic kitchen containers and let it sit overnight to eliminate the nasty smell from them. However, avoid stuffing colored newspaper in damp containers; otherwise it could leave a stain.

You can use the same trick for eliminating odor from your refrigerator. Just line a shelf with newspaper overnight to deodorize the whole refrigerator. You can even place a piece of paper in the vegetable drawer all the time to keep it dry and free of smell.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Decriminalise Sex Work: Pros and Cons

Calls grow to decriminalization of sex work! As every coin has two sides, same way decriminalization of sex work has various pros and cons, so let’s see them in detail here.

A sex worker can be male, female, or transgender, who get money or goods in exchange for sexual services, either often or rarely. In most countries, sex work and activities related with it are criminal offenses, so countries struggle with the legal act of prostitution or sex work, a practice that is as old as history itself. It has become difficult for sex workers to access legal, social and health services due to the disgrace that connected with sex work and make service-providers so reluctant to support sex workers. Every day sex workers are subjected to force and violence from the police, clients, and their boyfriends, and have no legal option, so they have called the government to decriminalize sex work. In simple words, decriminalization means to abolish all criminal laws against sex work, so that sex workers can live without stigma, social exclusion, and fear of violence.

decriminalisation of sex work

As per a new study published in the world’s leading medical journal - The Lancet, the decriminalization of sex work can drastically reduce global HIV infections among female sex workers, leading to a decrease of at least a third in three countries (Canada, India and Kenya) examined by researchers. In a paper presented at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, the decriminalization of sex work can avert HIV infections among female sex workers by 33 to 46 % over the next decade in those countries. As per the World Health Organization, female sex workers are 14 times as probable to have HIV as other women, whereas transgender women are around 50 times as probable to have HIV as other adults.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

Put your grocery shop's ready-made toothpaste on a side and switch to easy to made and cheap all naturals homemade toothpaste for overall health of your family.

With evolution of human beings, various new technologies and routine useful things has been also improved. But with the process of evolution and improvement, purity of natural ingredients that we use in daily routine has become poorer. One example is our toothpaste that gives us fresh and clean teeth plus oral cavity. Toothpaste that we purchase from grocery shop has tons of harmful ingredients though companies sell them as completely harmful to our health. Few of armful ingredients are Triclosan, Aspartame, Sachharin, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), FD&C Blue Dye No. 2, Fluoride etc. To stay away from harmful ingredients of toothpaste, you can switch to homemade toothpaste.

All naturals homemade toothpaste recipes
Homemade toothpaste recipes include all natural ingredients like baking soda, water, essential oils, coconut oil, sea salt etc. which are considered as teeth friendly ingredients. Mixture of these ingredients not only cleans your teeth but remineralize your teeth to get rid of the problems like problem of eating cold food items, tooth decay. As well as with homemade toothpaste you will get white brightening teeth that you have dreamed about. Check out various homemade toothpaste recipes that can be made in few minutes a useful for measurable long time.

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